EU to further promote defense cooperation to enhance capacity


Reuters: The European Union (EU) is to further promote defense cooperation within the 28-member bloc to enhance its defense capacity, said EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini on Thursday (August 30) in Vienna, capital of Austria.

Speaking at a press conference after an informal meeting of EU defense ministers, Mogherini said the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO) — a part of the EU’s common security and defense policy (CSDP) in which 25 of the 28 national armed forces pursue structural integration — is going on smoothly and is being promoted step by step. At the two-day meeting, in-depth discussion was held on the EU’s new projects, and all the member states expressed their hope to further enhance defense cooperation.

“We have received more than 30 new proposals for PESCO projects that we are now assessing, and that would be, I believe, ready for adoption in November, that will add up to the 17 already existing PESCO projects, so it’s moving forward and implementation is going on at a good rhythm and good level,” said Mogherini.

The meeting of EU defense ministers also focused on such issues as military relations between the EU and West Balkan countries, refugees and illegal migrants in the EU.