UPDATE: Scott Morrison sworn in Australia’s new PM

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2.10 PM: Scott Morrison has been sworn in as the 30th Prime Minister of Australia.

Scott Morrison is promising frustrated Australian voters a “new generation” of leadership after a shock upset saw him seize the prime ministership during the chaotic Liberal Party campaign that saw the exit of immediate former Premier Malcolm Turnbull.


Colombo (News1st) – Scott Morrison will become the new Prime Minister of Australia after being elected as the new leader of the liberal party. Morrison becomes the 6th Australian prime minister in 11 years.

A defeated Malcolm Turnbull stood down following a vote of no confidence in his ability to lead the party to the next election. Turnbull is expected to retire from Politics altogether.

Morrison won the vote in the party room meeting 45 to 40 after days of tense meetings and panicked phone calls among party members as the country watched its government fall into disarray.His deputy leader will be Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg who won the vote by an absolute majority.

The two other challengers who contested for Turnbull’s leadership position in the Liberal party were Peter Dutton and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop