SLNS Sindurala departs for Australia

Staff Writer

The Sri Lanka Naval Ship “Sindurala” left Trincomalee harbour on Monday  (Aug 20th) for Australia to participate in the Naval Exercise KAKADU 2018. The naval exercise is being hosted by the Royal Australian Navy.

The ship being manned by 26 officers and 124 sailors is scheduled to reach Australia on 29th  of August.

The multilateral naval exercise KAKADU 2018 will kick off on 30th Aug. and end on 16th Sep. along the Darwin beach area in Australia.  The drill will include a wide range of air and maritime combined naval activities, including humanitarian assistance, disaster response and maritime search and rescue operations.

The exercise organized by the Australian Navy is also supported by the Australian Air Force. Navies of 26 countries including Canada, France, India, China, Japan and the United States of America will take part in the KAKADU 2018.