Key decisions taken by the cabinet on August 08th

Staff Writer

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Out of many decisions that were taken at the meeting of Cabinet of Ministers held today (August 08) here are some that caught our attention.

  • Providing Housing Facilities for Veteran Artists and the Establishment of a China-Sri Lanka Museum – The Chinese Government has agreed to grant funds to construct 108 houses for Experienced Artists and to establish a museum to exhibit China- Sri Lanka historical relationship.
  • Preparing a Legal Framework for Maritime Security Services for Foreign Merchant Ships by the Sri Lanka Navy –  Cabinet approval was granted to regulate the transportation and storage of firearms of Private Maritime Security Services by Sri Lanka Navy on operational necessity.
  • Signing the Collaborative Documentation of the Combined Russian – Sri Lankan Working Groups on Military Technology Corporation – In accordance with the agreement signed in 2004, it is proposed to establish a Combined Russian – Sri Lankan Working Groups on Military Technology Corporation.
  • Deploying 1,000 Environment-Friendly Passenger transport Busses – The Cabinet of Ministers approved the proposal to enter into an agreement with Hungarian Shepal Holding Company to deploy 250 electric buses and 750 hybrid buses with the assistance of Hungarian Government and Import-Export Bank of Hungaria.