Sumanthiran : A history of questionable conduct

Staff Writer

COLOMBO (News 1st) – TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran speaking at an event in Jaffna stated that false rumors are being spread about the new constitution adding that he was able to debunk some of these rumors in Parliament.

He said that the media carried his response in Parliament but according to what he was told one media institution reported it in a distorted manner.

“..At a time when we are making efforts to create a constitution that would reach political objectives, there are forces working against it..” said MP Sumanthiran. He charges that tis particular media institution was working to create discord among the two leaders of the country inorder to topple the Government of good Governance. He added that according to this media institution the UNP,TNA and JVP are working together to remove the President from power through the new constitution.

Parliamentarian M.A.Sumanthiran is stating that our revelations on his actions are false, but, there are many questions surrounding his conduct while serving as a Public Representative.


The discussion paper of the Constitutional Amendments prepared by the Expert Panel was rejected by the Steering Committee. Of the Three people involved in the process, one is M.A Sumanthiran. When this discussion paper was raised in Parliament, MP Dayasiri Jayasekera said what has been drafted is a coup against the President and that it allows the Prime Minister, Speaker, and Opposition Leader to remove the Head of State.

Another MP said one member involved in the process was not even in the country for 06 long months.

The Opposition has alleged that most of the signatures in the documents are forged and questioned the right these members have to draft a constitution. They highlighting that this was being done by Sumanthiran to protect the Prime Minister and curtail the powers of the President.

This is not all, in April when the Motion of No-Confidence against the Prime Minister was taken up, his support was also for the Prime Minister. The Opposition openly criticized this move and stressed Sumanthiran acted to protect the Prime Minister. His questionable conduct does not end with that.

M.A.Sumanthiran appeared as Counsel for Central Bank employee S. Pathumanapan who faced allegations of being involved in the Central Bank Treasury Bond Scam at the Bond Commission, Sumanthiran also appeared for Pathumanapan in Court as well.

It was M. A. Sumanthiran who postponed the debate on the Central Bank Bond Scam in Parliament stressing the need of the Tamil Translation of the report. The question that many have is, how does he not understand the content of the English Report when he himself makes statements in Parliament in English.

In addition, it is widely discussed that Sumanthiran along with Dr. Jayampathy Wickramaratne was behind the 19th Amendment to the Constitution to serve the purpose of the Prime Minister.

Are these not enough to question this MPs conduct as a Public Representative?

The Civil Society had time and time again stressed that such dishonest politicians should not be allowed to hold Office.

Are the revelations made at the Bond Commision False?

Are the revelations made regarding the 19th Amendment to the Constitution False?

Are the revelations regarding the Constitution itself false?

News 1st challenges MP Sumanthiran to prove that these allegations are false or it would be confirmed that his statement is in fact false. The Media reflects exactly on your behavior if you do the correct thing we will report it and at the same time if you do the wrong thing we will not fear in reporting that as well.

We would give the option to M.A. Sumanthiran to reveal himself of the perks he enjoys from the Government.