‘Equalizer 2’ becomes the first sequel launched by Denzel Washington


Reuters – Both Denzel Washington and his often-time director Antoine Fuqua have made a change to their careers taking on a sequel for the first time. The pair launched ‘Equalizer 2’ at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on Tuesday (July 17) with a world premiere.

Speaking to Reuters, Washington listed his reasons for returning to a role for a second time saying “Good story, great teammates, Antoine (Fuqua – director), fine young actors, Ashton (Sanders), and a good story and a good writer, Richard (Wenk).”

Fuqua has worked with Washington on films such as ‘Training Day’, ‘The Magnificent Seven’, as well as the original ‘The Equalizer’. He described what makes Washington such a good actor by saying “Well, he’s gifted for one, but he’s committed, completely committed. There’s no waiting room with Denzel. He’s the character through and through, and he’s going to give you everything on that screen.”

Fuqua also revealed a hidden talent of Washington’s – that he can recite and perform raps from many great rappers.”It’s not just Cardi B. He can rap Ice Cube and everybody else,” he said. “His memory is incredible. He did drive me crazy, but I was surprised.”

Ashton Sanders joins the cast as a neighbor of Washington’s good-hearted vigilante character Robert McCall. He got the part after Washington approached him at the SAG awards two years ago when Sanders was promoting ‘Moonlight’.

“It was pretty weird. I definitely freaked out a little bit and tried to hold my composure. I hope I did that well,” said Sanders. “When you meet your idol, what are you going to do? I’ve looked up to Denzel my entire acting career. I want to follow the type of work he’s done with his career.”

With ‘Equalizer 2’ set to hit U.S. cinemas this Friday (July 20), is there a chance Fuqua and Washington will team up again for a third installment? “I mean, I hope this one does well and we get to do three,” said Fuqua, adding “I’d love to see it in Europe, I’d love to see it more international. I think it would be great to have our own James Bond Equalizer.”