Migrants rescued by ‘The Aquarius’, reaches Valencia, Spain

Migrants rescued by ‘The Aquarius’, reaches Valencia, Spain

Migrants rescued by ‘The Aquarius’, reaches Valencia, Spain

Written by Staff Writer

17 Jun, 2018 | 5:00 pm

Reaching out with a friendly stance Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has resorted to accepting the 630 migrants rescued from the Mediterranean off the coast of Libya last weekend that Italy and Malta had refused to enter into their ports.

Accordingly “The Dattilo” an Italian coast guard ship entered the port of Valencia; Spain carrying with it 274 migrants, at 06:20 (04:20 GMT) today. (June 16)

When the migrants reached Valencia’s quayside, 1,000 Red Cross workers along with the police officers were kept at hand to handle them. The Aquarius itself entered the port shortly after 09:30. Later on Sunday morning (June 17), Orione the second Italian ship carrying the rest of the migrants arrived at the port.

The migrants that have been rescued had spent almost 20 hours in overcrowded rubber dinghies before being rescued by the Aquarius. Since then, the survivors had spent a week at sea suffering with seasickness.

The medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières says that these migrants come from 26 different countries. Though most of the rescued 630 are from Africa the rest are from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The team of migrants include 123 unaccompanied minors, 11 younger children under the age of 13 and seven pregnant women according to reports by the officials.

The Spanish government has promised the migrants medical assistance along with the provision of food, hygiene kits and everything else necessary to make them comfortable after weeks of sea. The pregnant women would be attended to and for all those who travelled on board psychological help would be provided.

Further, French President Emmanuel Macron’s government has also stretched out a friendly hand to assist Spain in dealing with the rescued migrants.


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