The Power to gain Wealth

Arun Perera

I wanna be RICH! Let’s face it, this is a desire we all share regardless of how much we already have. On a national level ‘MORE MONEY’ is always a prime subject. So is Poverty. Even though statistically extreme poverty is on the decline in our nation there remains a majority of the population who find it very hard to make a living and save for the future without having to get into debt. Many people live in debt as opposed to surplus. This so-called ‘Debt Trap’ has pushed many lower-class and lower-middle-class Sri Lankans to pursue opportunities in a foreign land.

The bottom line is that most Sri Lankans are living and earning well below their potential. Focusing solely on the reduction of debt is not going to solve the problem. We need to focus on increasing income. All of us without exception inherently possess the power to gain wealth. The question is, what are we doing with it.

There are three factors that need to converge for this Power to take effect. The first is ‘Ability’. We all have abilities (skills, talents, etc.…). Regardless of what some may say, I believe everybody is gifted in creativity. Although, there is diversity in our creative expression. For example, while some are creative in the arts, others may be creative in making a sale. Our ability is our creative expression.

The second factor is ‘Strategy’. What needs to happen is that we need to connect our ability to a strategy that will result in us earning money from it. For example, if I am talented in fixing mobiles phones, then my strategy would be to offer my services to fix phones for a price. Subsequently other details such as target customers, promotion, etc.. can be added to the strategy.

The third and final factor is ‘Opportunity’. This is the factor that most people (especially those in the lower and lower-middle-class) struggle with. Opportunity is mostly viewed monetarily as capital. Some attribute it to luck, and some attribute it to influence. For this reason, the opportunity is for the most part regarded as something difficult to attain for a regular citizen. Let me propose to you that opportunity is none of the above, but rather something that can be created by anyone. It’s just a matter of how bad you want it.

In 1970, a 39-year-old man who was talented in banking connected his ability to a strategy of offering loans to people for retail transactions. He did not have cash or gold to fund his lending or any significant form of influence. Therefore, he decided to create an opportunity using a new form of money that he hoped will be accepted worldwide. Currently, his creation is accepted in 200 plus countries, used by over 355 million people worldwide and account for more than USD 650 billion worth of transactions. His name is Dee Hock. He is the creator of the VISA Card.

The key to creating an opportunity is observation and perseverance.

Wealth is not a dream that is attainable for some. It is a reality that can be enjoyed by all. ABILITY + STRATEGY + OPPORTUNITY = The Power to gain WEALTH