Sri Lanka Stands United

Faraz Shauketaly

Colombo (News 1st) – In recent weeks Sri Lanka has seen the spectre of sponsored violence attempting to raise its head – to inevitably disturb the peace that was returned to this nation in 2009. In 1983 when the wholesale mismanagement of intelligence, security, equality for all spilled over and wreaked havoc for over a generation Sri Lanka crash-landed into a veritable abyss of despair and despondency.

The gilded prospects that awaited our country in February 1948 never materialized. By 1956 the country was headed towards the doorstep of the destruction of its peace and economic progress – wrapped in a Trojan horse of nationalism which had its foundation in the plans of those who seek political office.

It is clear that What we see today, did not begin today. Rather It is the result of a systematic policy carried out through the ages, to ensure unity is defeated and that disunity reigns eternal.

But ultimately, who has been the victor and who has been the defeated?

It is against this backdrop that we must consider 1983. The rioting that occurred on the city streets and villages in almost every part of Sri Lanka resulted in untold bloodshed that lasted an entire generation. The cost in terms of property can perhaps be calculated.

But who can calculate the loss of precious life and the cost of opportunity?

It was the government’s responsibility at that time, to ensure law and order were maintained. But it did not. The very government that the people trusted to protect them, turned away. And a nation bled for decades.

Today, the incidents of the past few days in an area adjoining the city of Kandy particularly, are signs of a sinister attempt to ensure that the seeds of hate are sown back into the tightly knit fabric of our communities.

The trouble-makers and rabble-rousers will set alight our fears and passions and then, leave. Who will be there to pick up the pieces? Who will repair the damage done to another generation? Who will fight the wars and battles of the future? Who will rebuild our economy and keep the home fires burning? Who will take care of our sick and wounded? Who will take responsibility for our children’s futures?

Certainly not the trouble-makers roaming the streets. They will disappear, leaving us all with a wrecked nation and lost the opportunity.

However, today, we in Sri Lanka can proudly proclaim that we in Sri Lanka are PROUD.

Proud, that despite the instigating and sponsored racism, our nation has held itself together. Especially on the night of the 5th. We MUST recognize the strength, unity and love our people have for each other.

One must also recognize and salute the President and the government for taking swift action and stemming this right at the outset. We must honour our Security Forces for doing their duty by the people, and for protecting the country against the vile attempts of a few.

What we do today, will have repercussions not just for us, but our children and their children. We must, therefore, seize this opportunity to renew our commitment to a strong and united Sri Lanka

And we must, together, in one single voice, discard and reject everything that will retard our nations’ inalienable right to happiness and prosperity.