A new teacher in town for the subject of ‘Journalism’ -Min. Lakshman Kiriella (VIDEO)

A new teacher in town for the subject of ‘Journalism’ -Min. Lakshman Kiriella (VIDEO)

Written by Lahiru Fernando

15 Jan, 2018 | 10:03 pm

There is a new teacher in town for the subject of ‘Journalism’. Minister Lakshman Kiriella.

The minister has said “if the media goes beyond their limit of freedom, they would learn a good lesson on February 10”.

Seems like they are voting to “teach a lesson to the media” and not to resolve the issues in their local areas.

Why is Min. Kiriella so cross with the media?

Is it because the media has been highlighting a number of missteps?

May be its because media, like us, have been highlighting issues surrounding the central highway?

We need to reiterate that we do not oppose development. -We just do not want fraud, corruption or ‘someone fattening themselves’ while the people pay for it.

The present Government came into office, 3 years ago, highlighting issues like this.

The Minister’s Electorate

Kandy is one of the best tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. However, there has been no solutions to Kandy’s congestion issue.

The city also has the worst record for air pollution. With the Central Expressway bringing more vehicles to Kandy, what would happen? -food for thought.

Central Expressway: Phase 2

The 2nd Phase was given to local contractors, based on loans from local banks.

This in turn reduced the amount of money these banks have on investing in SMEs.

But the real kicker is Phase 3

  • Commercial loan from Japan
  • High interest
  • Numerous hidden charges
  • Tender process was a joke
  • Initially rejected parties ended up getting the contract

The Contractor – Taisei

Taisei asked rival contractor not to bid on Maglev project.

New details emerge in Japan’s latest corporate scandal: Asia Nikkei

Japanese Contractors Face Bid-Rigging Claims And Police Raids In Troubled Maglev Train Project – Forbes

Adding up to that, the Fair Trade Commission of Japan had earlier filed criminal charges against Taisei for bid rigging while the company also faced allegations for a sinkhole that was created in Tokyo during a construction carried out by them.

Dear Min. Kiriella,

There is one thing that you should keep in mind before attempting to teach lessons to the media.

We know a lot more…

How locations were decided for the expressway

How contractors imported luxury cars for the use of ‘certain people’

How roads were constructed to the properties of ‘certain people’ in Hanthana -in violation of environment regulations.

You may have millions in your bank account.


As a minister, your obligations are to the people.

We know that you are the Minister of Higher Education, but think about your obligations first before thinking about taking up teaching.

Watch the video below for more!

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