An attempt to smuggle over 31 Million rupees out of SL – What happened? (VIDEO)

An attempt to smuggle over 31 Million rupees out of SL – What happened? (VIDEO)

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01 Jan, 2018 | 10:05 pm

Sri Lanka Customs seized over Rs. 31 Million on November 10, 2017 from a businessman of Malaysian origin, his son and two others. The businessman in question is Jaya Sudhir Jayaram.

The group had attempted to smuggle the money out of Sri Lanka.

Customs officers discovered the money separately in their luggage. Money in Jayaram’s luggage was found at Bandaranaike International Airport’s exclusive Silk Route lounge.

This is how the money was spread

  • Jaya Sudhir Jayaram’s luggage – $50,000 (US)
  • Son of Jayaram – $50,000 (US)
  • Other two – $108,000 (US)

The son of Jayaram was stopped when he was preparing to board a separate flight. Both the father and son were interrogated by Customs.

Suspects released?

According to Customs, the suspects were released after they guaranteed that they would attend an inquiry on November 23rd. Customs also said that the money amounting to $100,000 (US) was forfeited.

Did they return for the inquiry? – No.

The other two individuals were caught on the same day. They had claimed to have won the money at a casino in Colombo.

During questioning, the two men claimed to have been in the country regarding a Board of Investment Project being undertaken in Vavuniya.

Customs noted that the money was forfeited and that the men were released after being fined.

However, as the suspects did not attend the subsequent inquiry, the total sum of $208,000 (US) has been seized by the state.

$208,000 (US) amounts up to over Rs. 31 million.

Reporting on the incident recently, The Sunday Times revealed that the Malaysian businessman in question, Jaya Sudhir Jayaram, was fronting negotiations in the sale of the businesses of a prominent financial services and media group to a foreign investor.

The report also reveals that he is a stakeholder in the 75 floor Horton Square mixed development project.

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