Crises and dark times ahead as power plant progresses remain stagnant

Crises and dark times ahead as power plant progresses remain stagnant

Written by Staff Writer

18 Aug, 2017 | 9:36 pm

A power crisis could arise due to the failure to create new power plants? The situation has worsened because complications have arisen in selecting a company to develop the proposed Kerawalapitiya power plant which was to add a further 300MW to the national grid.

Meanwhile, it was reported today, that the Chairman and a Member of the Cabinet appointed Standing Procurement Committee, which was considering the tenders for the power plant, have resigned from their positions.

The Cabinet appointed a five-member Procurement Committee in order to ensure transparency in large scale government
tenders.The final decision on any tender is reached by this Committee based on the recommendations presented to it by the Technical Evaluation Committee.

The tender process for the 300MW Kerawalapitiya power plant commenced with the understanding that the project will start with diesel power before phasing into LNG.Eight companies presented bids for this project, of which six were shortlisted taking into account the technical assesment. Of the shortlisted companies the bid of only one company was opened.

However, due to the opposition against the manner in which operation was handled, a decision was reached to disregard this bid, last week.

Secretary to the Ministry of Power and Energy, Dr. Suren Batagoda, who is also a Member of the Cabinet appointed Procurement Committee, accepted there are discrepancies in the reports compiled by the Tender Committee and the Technical Committee.

However, Batagoda notes that bids for the tender will not be called for, once again.

He noted that an agreement has been reached to open the tenders of the five other shortlisted companies.

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