The 2006 MiG deal becomes a topic of discussion again

The 2006 MiG deal becomes a topic of discussion again

By Keshala Dias

17 Jul, 2017 | 9:21 pm

The MiG deal that took place during the previous administration is becoming a topic of discussion once again. 

“..They are speaking of MiGs, according to my knowledge this was done transparently..”, claimed former Defence Secretary, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

A number of weekend newspapers as well as The Island newspaper today, published articles on further revelations regarding the 2006 MiG deal. C.A. Chandraperuma, in his article, notes that handling the transaction for the deal through a third party is not uncommon.

Meanwhile, The Island reports today, that the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office has reopened their investigation into the 2006 MiG deal following Sri Lankan media reports.

Incidentally, the author of both these articles, C.A. Chandraperuma is also the author of the book titled Gota’s war.

The Maubima newspaper also carried an article detailing the actions of the former Secretary of Defence.

Startling revelations have come tolight regarding the MiG deal and News1st is ready to reveal these details in the future.