S.M. Marikkar hits back at authorities and leaders over Meethotamulla fire

S.M. Marikkar hits back at authorities and leaders over Meethotamulla fire

Written by Lahiru Fernando

22 Mar, 2017 | 7:06 am

The fire which erupted at the Meethotamulla garbage dump was contained last night following the intervention of residents in the area and the Colombo Fire Department.

The dump contains garbage of around 3 million tons, rising up to around 180 feet.
* Source: UNP MP S.M. Marikkar

UNP MP Marikkar said the fire was contained by throwing more garbage over the fire and spraying water over it.

The recent drought conditions have resulted in garbage produced gas being turned flammable, said the MP.

“This is why I  told the leaders of this country that no more garbage can be dumped in this place. Nobody understands the gravity of the situation, not even the prime minister.”

The MP said, even if the politicians make decisions to do something about the issue, officials do not follow those instructions.

“This is inhumane. If the leaders of this country do not understand the gravity of this situation, i am ready to fight against them – setting aside party and other differences”, said Marikkar.

He also made it clear that he is “ready to sacrifice” his parliamentary seat on behalf of the  people of Kolonnawa. “There is no point in being an MP if the people continue to suffer”, he added.

“We will continue with this fight. If they do not realise this now, they never will”,  said UNP MP S.M. Marikkar.

Marikkar’s comments in Sinhala:

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