NW, Central PCs reject Development Special Provisions Bill

NW, Central PCs reject Development Special Provisions Bill

NW, Central PCs reject Development Special Provisions Bill

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28 Dec, 2016 | 7:47 pm

The Development Special Provisions Bill was rejected by the Central and North Western Provincial Councils today, Wednesday, December 28.

The Central Provincial Council convened today under the auspices of Chairman L.D. Nimalasiri

“.. They have asked whether we approve or disapprove this bill. Let us debate this later then ..” says Chairman of the Central Provincial Council L.D. Nimalasiri.

Chief Minister of the Central Provincial Council Sarath Ekanayake, speaking to media, said that at present they are against this.

He also said that this topic needs to be discussed on an another occasion because at times the views they express on this may not be relevant because of the amendments.

Opposition Leader of the Central Provincial Council Renuka Herath expressing her views on this heated up topic shared the following,

“why are you against this. This was approved by the cabinet which also consists of the President and the Prime Minister… “

UPFA Councilor of the Central PC Nimal Piyatissa, stating, this an attempt to embark on a dictatorial journey, said that this is a power that exceeds the president.

Opposition Leader Renuka Herath attempted to voice her views once again. However,  amid constant interruptions by the council, the opposition councillors exited the chamber.

Subsequently, during the vote on the bill 29 members of the UPFA, two members of the CMC and a member of the SLMC voted against the bill. Four councilors abstained from voting.

Meanwhile, the North Western Provincial Council which gathered under the auspices of its chairman Tikiri Adikari, rejected the Development Special Provisions Bill with a majority of 20 votes. Eleven votes were cast in favour of the bill.

UPFA Councilor  of the North Western PC D.B. Herath noted that the contents of the bill violate the country’s constitution adding that this is an attempt to form a dictatorial constitution and vest all powers in the hands of two ministers.

Opposition Leader of the North Western PC Chamal Senarath, expressing his concern, added that this bill will further strengthen the powers of the provincial councils.

The Development Special Provisions Bill has been rejected by seven provincial councils so far.

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