Cheetahs heading towards extinction

Cheetahs heading towards extinction

Cheetahs heading towards extinction

Written by Tharushan Fernando

27 Dec, 2016 | 8:51 am

A new study in to the declining number of Cheetahs have revealed that the fastest land-mammal is rapidly heading towards extinction.

The report estimates that there are only around 7100 left in the wild. The dwindling umbers are due to the the need for large area causing cheetah to wander beyond protected areas.

The report calls for re-categorization of the species from vulnerable to endangered.

1cheetah-gc590aMore than half the worlds surviving cheetahs live in one population that ranges across 6-countries in Southern Africa. Cheetahs in Asia have been essentially wiped out with a group estimating less than 50 individuals in Iran. Because of the cheetah’s wide range it tends to roam far outside protected areas some 77% of their habitat falls outside these parks and reserves.

The cheetah population has fallen from around 1,200 to just 170 animals in 16 years, in Zimbabwe with the main cause being major changes in land tenure.

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