Collapsing Administration: Chapter 1 – Poor decision making, poor governance and corruption

Collapsing Administration: Chapter 1 – Poor decision making, poor governance and corruption

Collapsing Administration: Chapter 1 – Poor decision making, poor governance and corruption

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11 Dec, 2016 | 7:05 pm

According to Chandra Jayaratne, former chairman – Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, the “Five things they [the government] must adhere to in the new year” are

1. Take decisions which are correct. Poor decision-making based on egoistic or short term needs of the party or personal gains should be avoided.

2. Ensure every single decision they make are free of corruption.

3. The poor governance.

4. Take accountability for every decision.

5. Uphold the promises made prior to coming into power.

Mattala International Airport

Taking an example, the Former CCC Chairman pointed out the poor decision-making surrounding the Mattala International Airport.

2013 – The rise

The largest greenfeild airport in the country, MIA was declared open in March 2013.

During the same time-frame it was awarded the the international airport certification by the Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka, allowing it to receive international flights.

The certification is endorsed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which is a UN specialised agency.

According to ICAO- the regulators of the airport should not only certify the airport but, should make sure it remains certified as traffic grows and the aerodrome expands to accommodate the future.

2015 – The rice

Last year a decision was taken store paddy at the Mattala Airport. The decision came under much scrutiny by a number of factions over the recent past.

Come 2016, did the Mattala International Airport Receive the International certification it should receive for 2016?

No it didn’t.

“The Mattala airport has lost the airport certification granted by the director general of Civil aviation as per the approval of the International Civil Aviation Organisation”, said Jayantha Samaraweera (UPFA MP).

The MP explained further, saying that one of the reasons for it was the “rather foolish decision to store paddy at the Mattala Airport.”

“Its staff was reduced, certain sections were removed and it was weakened from all sides. What was the result? This Mattala airport which lost the international airport license was given a very low price by the Chinese. This is a crime.” he added.

Poor decision making is a result of poor experience in governance.

Decades of political experience does not necessarily translate to effective leadership.

Poor decisions such as this –while directed at the gallery– end up costing the country even more.

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