A medical budget and not radical budget – protestor says as demonstrations continue

A medical budget and not radical budget – protestor says as demonstrations continue

A medical budget and not radical budget – protestor says as demonstrations continue

Written by Tharushan Fernando

11 Dec, 2015 | 10:10 pm

A number of demonstrations were held on Friday opposing the budget of the new government.A demonstration was held opposite the Eye Hospital in Colombo by the National Trade Union Centre against the curtailing of the rights of the state sector employees, through the budget.

Co-Chairperson of All Ceylon Health Services Union, Narendra Premakumara stated:

They have cut down the pension. This government promised that they will add ten thousand to the basic salary and we have made demands to the government to fulfill the needs of the working people. If the government does not take action on this, we will resort to stern measures after the 19th.

Demonstrations were held in the Jayanthipura and Kantale in Polonnaruwa against the curtailing of rights of the agrarian community.

Secretary of All Ceylon Farmers’ Federation,T.B. Sarath stated:

The fertiliser subsidy that was received is being taken away, through a financial gimmick of the government. But the agrarian community of the country have not identified this as yet. Not only that, the government has taken the certified price away. And while they are taking these away from the farmers, they are providing concessions to the foreigners and they are trying to destroy the food security of the country and are trying to feed us the what the foreigners are growing.

JVP MP, Sunil Hadunnetti stated:

To encourage the private sector and to encourage the international investors, the individuals who enroll into the state sector even for a low salary needs to be stopped. And if they are to be attracted to the private sector, the privileges that they enjoy in the state sector should be curtailed and the barriers that are present when buying and handing over land by foreigners needs to be taken out.

He  added:

The foreigners should be allowed to bring in money to the country, low human resources needs to be available and this is what they are doing on the sidelines. And now they have eight hour working days – has been extended to 9 hours and it is alright to not give anything new to the people, but the cannot bear it when prevailing privileges are being taken out.

UPFA MP, Dullus Alahpperuma stated:

The JVP criticises the budget in public. They were a major share holder in putting the current government to power on the 8th of January. Ravi Karunanayake said that he will produce a radical budget and as a result, the aspiration of the people went up: and the aspirations of the people crumbled very fast within 24 hours. And now the people understand that this is not a radical budget, but a medical budget for the national economy.

UPFA MP,Bandula Gunwardhena stated:

To increase the income of the government, the direct taxes have been reduced and the taxes on goods and services or the indirect taxes have been increased. The effect of the indirect taxes will be felt by the public after the 1st of January – in another 20 days. The week starting from Monday up until the 19th, has become a week that we protest against the complete public pressure.

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