20th Amendment to the Constitution: Voices of the public

20th Amendment to the Constitution: Voices of the public

20th Amendment to the Constitution: Voices of the public

Written by Tharushan Fernando

17 Jun, 2015 | 9:29 pm

A member of the public Kurunegala has stated that there is no point in persons who have not even passed the Ordinary Level examination entering parliament. The individual said intelligent persons need to be elected to Parliament.

Another commented stating that this electoral system needs to be changed and public representatives who will serve the village are required. Another noted that it was drug barons and persons involved in abuse that are entering parliament again and the public does not like it.

In Dambulla, a member of the public noted that when this is passed, the drug barons, ethanol dealers and marijuana dealers will not be able to enter parliament again and that the general public requests that this amendment be passed rather that placing obstacles on its path. It was also expressed that through this amendment, the country will see a system where everyone will be held accountable to the people; and that the passage of the 20th Amendment to the constitution will provide an opportunity for the people to elect an MP accountable to the electorate.

In Kandy, individuals made their opinions on the amendment known, with one noting that drug barons and drug dealers have entered politics; so the public is against the existing system. Another added there is no faith on the preferential voting system.

The voice of those in Trincomalee was expressed as one individual said there are no intelligent persons in Parliament, and that the situation where businessmen, thugs and the corrupt have taken over the chambers needs to change. Another said there is dire need for a new electoral system and that an amendment on that needs to be presented to Parliament and be passed so that the next election will be held under the new system.

In the Colombo, a member of the public mentioned that the struggle happens between among the party members, so once that situation is taken care of, the 20th Amendment can be based on a mixed representation just like the French system. Another expressed that with the 20th Amendment being enacted, there will be a bigger place for the minority parties, noting that currently, minority groups are poorly represented in Parliament.

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