Department of Inland Revenue to encourage taxpayers with new mechanism

Bella Dalima

The Department of Inland Revenue has decided to introduce a new mechanism to encourage taxpayers.

Commisioner General of the Department R.M.R.W Manchanayake notes that individuals who pay tax on time have been issued with a privilege card and other benefits.

A programme was launched on Friday where members from the Department of Inland Revenue will directly visit taxpayers and receive income statements.

Meanwhile, a centre to hand over income statements swiftly was opened at the Inland Revenue Department,  Jawatte branch on Friday.

Commissioner General of Inland Revenue, R. M. R.W .Manchanayake said;

[quote]A drive-through system with higher levels of efficiency was launched today where the tax payer could hand in their documentation easily and the tax payer would in return receive a certificate. Only two percent of the Sri Lankan population pays taxes, We need to appreciate these taxpayers. A special focus needs to be drawn towards these tax payers.We intend to provide these tax payers with benefits in the future.[/quote]