Sarath Fonseka shares views on upcoming presidential election

Sarath Fonseka shares views on upcoming presidential election

Written by Bella Dalima

08 Oct, 2014 | 8:23 pm

The Democratic Party says it is yet to reach a decision on the party’s stance at the upcoming presidential election. Party leader Sarath Fonseka made this statement at a media briefing held  on Wednesday.

He shared the following views:

[quote]We have been made to think a bit more about how we will face elections in the future. We have three alternatives. The priority is to put forward candidates from the party. If we built this party on a new political conceptualisation and in order to change the political culture of the country, then we will not achieve our goals by plugging into another party. The second alternative is that we do not contest. That we boycott this election. We do not believe that the ruler of this country has a legal or moral right to run for a third term in office.[/quote]

He added:

[quote]We see people who act against the constitution as traitors to the country. If these individuals are deceiving the people, distorting the law and are taking undue benefits by distorting the constitution, then they are definitely on the top of the list of traitors. If the individual known as Mahinda Rajapaksa is contesting in this election, then we will definitely reject the election. We will not accept it as a fair and legitimate election.

We see it as an election being held as per the personal need of this individual. The third alternative that we have is to support a common candidate from the opposition. Certainly, various opinions are being touted in this case. We see that if the party adopts a certain policy and if the party has embarked on a journey, then everyone in the party must have the spine to continue on this journey. If we are to detour from this journey and pledge support to a common candidate, then their must be extraordinary reasons for this. I believe that if we pledge support to another common candidate, there is the possibility of decline for our party.[/quote]


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