Musician plays violin during brain surgery (Video)

Musician plays violin during brain surgery (Video)

Written by Staff Writer

12 Sep, 2014 | 1:00 pm

Diagnosed with essential tremor 20 years ago, violinist Naomi Elishuv shook uncontrollably while she played the instrument.

The shaking forced her to stop playing for the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra.

Video footage has emerged of Ms Elishuv undergoing brain surgery while in Israel to suppress her tremors.

Surgeons at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre inserted an electrode into her brain which emits impulses that suppress her shakes.

To assess whether they had placed the electrode in the correct place, Ms Elishuv was kept conscious but under local anaesthetic and was asked by surgeons to play her violin.

The success of the procedure was immediately visible as the video shows her playing her violin smoothly with a steadier hand.

Ms Elishuv reportedly says that she is looking forward to being able to “play, sign my name, and drink tea without spilling it.”


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