In a few days 100 percent of this area will have electricity – Namal Rajapaksa

In a few days 100 percent of this area will have electricity – Namal Rajapaksa

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04 Sep, 2014 | 2:21 pm

With only 16 days remaining for the Uva Provincial Council, the battle wages on with the UNP, JVP and the SLFP suffering the brunt of election violence.

Here are some comments from politicians that took the  centrestage,

Propaganda Secretary of the JVP, MP Vijitha Herath:

[quote]Of all the provinces in the country, Uva is the poorest province. And of all the districts in the province the Moneragala district is the poorest. The poverty level was at 14.5 when he took office. He showed all his qualifications and came into power and by the end of his 5 year term, all he has done for Uva was that he made the Moneragala District the poorest district in the country.[/quote]

UPFA MP, Namal Rajapaksa:

[quote]Ninety- Eight percent (98) of this area has electricity today. In a few days 100 percent of this area will have electricity. By next year we will commence projects here. Even as we speak we have spent millions on a drinking water project in this electorate. That is to give you water from taps. We are making major developments by constructing factories, stadiums and developing the economy of this area.[/quote]

Western Provincial Councilor of the JVP, K.D. Lalkantha:

[quote]If you went to a hospital about thirty to forty years ago you would find the doctors inside the hospital. But today where are they – on the streets. And back then if you wanted medicine you get it from inside the hospital. Today you have to get it outside the hospital. It is the same with blood and urine tests. What is being done? They should start taking everything back inside now.[/quote]

Minister of State Resources and Enterprise Development, Dayasritha Tissera:

[quote]The UNP cannot get on the same platform in the country today. We do have an issue in wining Uva but in comparison to that UNP, this government led by His Excellency the President is and has always been with the people of this country.[/quote]

Leader of the Democratic Party, Sarath Fonseka

[quote]There was faith in powerful parties and powerful politicians. But today they have deceived all of you. Your hopes were dashed. Your wishes and expectations were not taken any notice of. Your lives are getting worse by the day and you had no alternative. Parties were too hung up on the politics and you voted to either blue or green. And today the country is far behind from other other countries. It is the powerful parties and politicians who should be held accountable for this.[/quote]

Uva Group Leader of the JVP, Samantha Vidyarathna:

[quote]What are businesses that politicians have today? have you seen a politician in the Welimada and Badulla electorates who have constructed a factory which manufactures mamoties and sells them to farmers for a low price and provide an income for them or provide jobs for youth. Have you heard of any such thing? No. However you get businesses like marijuana cultivations, smuggling of cattle, commissions, bribes, ransoms. Am I lying? they have bars, they bring down ethanol and drugs, they have brothels, casinos and hotels. They take over lands in cities and villages and even the sea coast. Don’t politicians do this? These are the new businesses of politicians. But when you bring this up they say you are slinging mud at projects.[/quote]

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