Southern Expressway police constable says Dodamgoda OIC visited his house

Southern Expressway police constable says Dodamgoda OIC visited his house

Written by Bella Dalima

04 Jul, 2014 | 9:22 pm

Initial investigations into the incidents that occurred in close proximity to the Kottawa interchange on the Southern Expressway between police constable Suminda Saman and a deputy minister have proven that the police officer did not commit any wrong.

Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana stated that investigations into this incident have concluded.

Suminda Saman has submitted his letter of resignation to the Sri Lanka police.

A group of police officers arrived at the house of the constable Thursday night

According to Suminda Saman, a group of police officer including the OIC of the Dodamgoda Police arrived at his residence Thursday night.

He added that police officer had visited his house twice on Thursday.

Suminda Saman expressed these views:

[quote]At around 3.20 p.m., the OIC of Dodangoda and officers from the Mirihana Special Investigations Unit arrived at my house in two jeeps and a Nano car. They drove from my house to the scene of the incident. They returned at around 8.20 and the OIC of the Dodamgoda police asked me to get into the car and drive. None of the officers were armed, and my life was is at risk , so I refused to accompany them. I have been threatened to take back the complaint that I filed.[/quote]

OIC of the Dodamgoda police Lasantha Buddika, speaking to News 1st, stated that they had visited Suminda’s house for investigation purposes.

He added that a cameraman and driver were in the car and the purpose of their visit was to ascertain the time taken to reach the location of the incident.

Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana expressed these views;

[quote]He was not threatened and the officers had no intention of abducting him. What took place was a legal investigation. They determined the time taken to travel to the location. I hope to reveal the full details of this investigation within 2 weeks[/quote]

However, residents state that they have their doubts about the incidents that unfolded on Thursday.

[quote]This is the Kalutara South Police division. We are suspicious as to why police from other divisions specially from Dodamgoda arrive here to carry out investigations .[/quote]

Former police constable Suminda Saman, who was attached to the motor traffic division of the southern expressway, was assaulted by a group of persons on May 30 while traveling to work from Dodamgoda.

A group that arrived in a cab had assaulted the police officer, torched his car and fled the scene.

The incident took place a couple of days after he was involved in an incident with a deputy minister in close proximity to the Kottawa entrance of the southern expressway.

An area resident expressed the following view:

[quote]We call on the IGP to resolve officer Suminda’s issue in a fair manner. If he is wrong prosecute him, if he is not guilty then clear this name .[/quote]

SSP Ajith Rohana said:

[quote]Investigations into the incident are continuing. Two incidents took place. The first one took place near the exit of the Southern Expressway. We have concluded investigations into this incident and we have concluded that the officer did not commit any wrong. There has been an exchange of words and the deputy minister’s driver was issued a spot fine for speeding.[/quote]


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