Divulapitiya youth killed in police fire: Police say investigations underway ( A Special Report)

Divulapitiya youth killed in police fire: Police say investigations underway ( A Special Report)

Written by Bella Dalima

25 Jun, 2014 | 10:30 pm

The police say that investigations are underway into the death of a youth. The youth was killed in police fire in the Barawawila area in Divulapitiya.

The deceased was nineteen-year-old S.M. Kelum Subasinghe, a resident of Barawawila, Divulapitiya. He was shot following a reported altercation when he was on his way  home, after attending a wedding reception with his brother.

Last night, on prime time news, News1st broadcast a comprehensive report on this story, accompanied with footage submitted to us by a News1st U-reporter.

On Wednesday evening the Police Media Spokesperson made a clarification regarding the matter.

Police Media Spokesperson, SSP Ajith Rohana expressed the following views:

[quote]Reports indicate that this footage was recorded about eight minutes before the individual in question was shot. What the footage depicts is the police constable pointing his firearm at the suspect indicating him to stop. However, the constable in this footage did not discharge his weapon at any time. He kept pointing the firearm at the suspect and moved forward. At one point as he was moving towards the suspect, the suspect had turned on the constable and stabbed him. When he attempted to stab the constable a second time, the police sergeant at the scene had shot at the suspect. This is the account of the sergeant and the constable. We hope to present this evidence to court.[/quote]

In our report last night, we covered all angles of the story.  In addition to the Police Media Spokesperson,  an independent lawyer and a commissioner of the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka  expressed their views on last night’s news broadcast.

News 1st stands by the credibility and impartiality of the footage and the news report that was broadcast on Tuesday.

The body of the deceased S.M. Kelum Subasinghe, is currently lying at his residence in Barawawila.

Chairman of Divulapitiya PS, Indika Anurudhdha shared the following views:

[quote]Three or four precious lives have been lost in Divulapitiya so far. That is disappointing. There aren’t people like this in Divulapitiya. Thereby we ask that Divulapitiya not be dragged down to this level and that a fair investigation be held for this grieving mother, this grieving brother, and the grieving town of Divulapitiya. We do not know what will happen.[/quote]

A police officer who was also reportedly injured in the incident, was admitted to the Divulapitiya Divisional Hospital the day before yesterday, following which he was transferred to the Gampaha General Hospital. The injured was identified as a twenty-seven-year-old Police Constable V.I.A. Susantha Chandimal of the Divulapitiya Police,

The Deputy Director of the Gampaha General Hospital, Dr. Priyantha Tennakoon, said the constable was treated and has been discharged.

Deputy Director of Gampaha General Hospital, Dr. Priyantha Tennakoon shared these views;

[quote]The patient had sustained injuries under his right armpit. Since the wounds were not serious, he was treated and following an examination by the Judicial Medical Officer on the 24th of June 2014, he was discharged from the hospital.[/quote]



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