ABU Copyright Committee Meeting and Forum held at Stein Studios

ABU Copyright Committee Meeting and Forum held at Stein Studios

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26 May, 2014 | 9:24 pm

The 20th ABU Copyright Committee Meeting and Forum was held at Stein Studios in Ratmalana.

The ABU Copyright Committee meeting and forum organised by the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union, was hosted by MTV, MBC and News1st.

Speaking at the event, ABU Secretary General, Dr. Javad Mottaghi, commented on the importance of dialogue with governments to ensure protection of copyrights.

Secretary General of ABU, Dr. Javad Mottaghi expressed following views,

“A lot of work needs to be put in by us, collectively, in having dialogue with our respective governments, in ensuring that the broadcasters are protected sufficiently,  in tune with the technological development that we face. “

He added: “ I take this opportunity to thank our active member, Maharaja, MBC and MTV for being such a wonderful host, and for taking the lead and running several activities in a relatively short period of time.”

COO of The Capital Maharaja Organisation Ltd, Sashi Rajamendran also addressed at the event.

Speaking at the event Sashi Rajamendran expressed following views:

“When it comes to copyright, the Capital Maharaja Organisation, wears many hats. In fact, our group represents the largest library of audio and video content in the country, by far. And protecting intellectual property is a key factor when it comes to protecting foreign investment, which is vital to growth and development.”

He added: “ We have to create a safe haven for innovation and not to forget our own innovators. We have to stop seeing our brightest and best aim to take their intellectual properties abroad, to truly reap the benefits of their creativity. It is a right we must protect.”

Broadcasters from across the Asia Pacific region were represented at the 20th ABU Copyright Committee Meeting and Forum which saw presentations being made by industry experts.

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