Kurunegala police constable killing: Escaped officer explains ordeal

Kurunegala police constable killing: Escaped officer explains ordeal

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06 May, 2014 | 8:31 pm

The Criminal Investigations Department has launched broad investigations into the abduction of two police officers in Kurunegala and the subsequent murder of an officer.

The other police officer who managed to escape has been admitted to the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital. Addressing a media briefing on Tuesday afternoon Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana noted that the police officers did not have any official weapons or communication equipment when they were abducted.

The remains of constable Chandana Sampath who was attached to the Kurunegala Police Motor Traffic Division was discovered on Monday night in the Ranawana area in Kurunegala. The body was discovered after police constable Ajith Weerasuriya  informed the police, with the assistance of residents.

The two police officers were abducted while on duty, by an unidentified group on Monday around midnight near the Muthetugala area along the Kurunegala – Dambulla main road.

The unidentified group that arrived in a van had taken the two officers for around two kilometers along the Kurunegala – Dambulla main road and turned into a byroad in close proximity to the Badugamuwa Reserve which heads towards the Ranawana area.

Police constable Ajith Weerasooriya who survived this ordeal explained the events that transpiredm to the investigation team.

GMO : What kind of vehicle was it ?

Officer : A van.

GMO : Was it a new van ?

Officer : No, it was an old van.

Officer : It was not a van with English number plates.

GMO : What about the car that was seen?

Officer : There was a car which passed through, after that we became suspicious.

GMO : The other officer did not fight, did he ? Does your hand hurt ? Where is your uniform ?

Other Person : The uniform was removed.

Officer : It is in the van ..

Officer – We fought and I fell on my face. Then they held a weapon across my chest and kept me suppressed.

Officer – As I was turning around I felt the trigger and I squeezed it…

GMO : Okay. There were six people on board ?

Officer : There were four people – the driver and three others.

Officer: Both of us got up. I ran. When I was running I heard a loud noise. I  don’t know what it was. I kept running.

A T56 magazine, an empty ammunition shell and a cap was discovered near the scene of the crime on Tuesday. There were also indications that a vehicle has sped off from the area. Search operations were carried out with the use of sniffer dogs. It is reported however that these exercises did not lead to any definite leads


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