Maligawatte Police Officers apprehend kidnappers – return child to parents

Maligawatte Police Officers apprehend kidnappers – return child to parents

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Apr, 2014 | 10:06 pm

Abductions and kidnappings for ransom are not incidents strange to this country: but of late, these incidents have not been frequent occurrences

However, the Maligawatte Police today, apprehended a gang of kidnappers who had abducted a child and demanded a ransom of Rs.3 million.  The boy was found at a residence in Hunupitiya where he was being held

Following his rescue, the eight-year-old boy informed the Maligawatte Police that he had been kidnapped on Wednesday evening, while returning home from a religion class.

The kidnappers had later made contact with the boy’s family and demanded a ransom.

The father of the victim, speaking to Newsfirst said: “They called us on the mother’s phone and said that they had the boy. They asked us not to fear and said he was safe. They told me that if I did not give them the sum demanded, they would kill the boy. I asked them how much they wanted. They asked me for three million, I said I was willing to give them five million if they only brought my child back without harming him. Then, they cut the line after informing us that they would call back in the morning. They called us back and told us that if we went to the police the child could be hurt and that we should not go to the police.”

Nevertheless, the father had lodged a complaint with the Maligawatte Police and had then gone to the Hunupitiya Railway Station  to meet the kidnappers with the ransom money. However, police officers in disguise too had  accompanied him in order to apprehend the kidnappers.

The kidnappers had called the father back and had informed him to board the train to Colombo and then throw the bag with the ransom money in Wedikanda.

Three police officers who also boarded the same train, were able to leap out and apprehend two of the kidnappers who had come to the Wedikanda area to claim the ransom.

Police Headquarters said that the police, obtaining information gleaned from the suspects in custody, had then rescued the boy who was being held at a residence close to the Hunupitiya Railway Station.

The police said another suspect was arrested at the residence.

Following the interrogation of the three suspects in custody, the police were able to arrest the chief suspect in Maradana on Thursday afternoon. The police say that the chief suspect was a close friend of the kidnapped boy’s father. The suspects are being questioned further and are due to be produced in court.


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