Anoma Fonseka says govt. has ’caused trouble in daughter’s marriage’

Anoma Fonseka says govt. has ’caused trouble in daughter’s marriage’

Written by Bella Dalima

22 Mar, 2014 | 8:59 pm

Speaking at a rally held in Panadura on Friday, the Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party, Anoma Fonseka, spoke with emotion. Party Leader Sarath Fonseka was also in attendance.

Deputy Secretary of Democratic Party, Anoma Fonseka expressed the following thoughts:

I have never spoken about the way in which this government exacts vengeance from our children. Only I know the hardships I underwent as a mother. It has been four years since our elder daughter was married. The government fell to the low level of shaking up her marriage and to this day, my husband and I are saddened about the trouble that was caused to my daughter’s marriage.

[quote]I have not spoken about this until now. There is a reason that I am saying this today.  It has been four years since my daughter has been unable to see her husband. At the same time, when my younger daughter arrived in the island, we had to face numerous questions at the airport. she was interrogated by the CID. The primary cause for this was that he contested the Presidential Election.[/quote]

Is this democracy? My daughter is still appealing to see her husband.  We speak of a proud father but the father does not understand the woes of the children. I say to all women here, do not fall into the situation that I have fallen into. We must initiate change before this occurs. I will take the fore in this matter.”

Meanwhile, Leader of Democratic Party, Sarath Fonseka also shared his views;

“The people do not have an alternative. There are two prominent parties and when you have had enough of one you must vote for the other. When you have had enough of them you must again vote for the other side that you had enough of earlier. Politicians took advantage of this situation. In the short time that they were in power, they worked on a personal agenda and fulfilled their needs. This is the situation that prevailed in the past and these prominent politicians wish to sustain this culture into the future. These prominent political parties wish to continue with this despicable political culture.”

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