Sarath Fonseka says people of all religions should have the same rights

Sarath Fonseka says people of all religions should have the same rights

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09 Mar, 2014 | 10:15 pm

A rally of the Democratic Party was held in Maligawatta on Sunday under the auspices of Sarath Fonseka, leader of the Democratic Party.

Speaking at the rally, Fonseka stated:

“We firmly believe that everyone, no matter what their religion, should have the same rights. Especially in this time of the Rajapaksa rule (beep) they are attempting to create some kind of political alliance by creating hostility amongst people of different caste, creed and religion. I have never accepted politics that are based on cast or religion.”

Anoma Fonseka, deputy secretary of the Democratic Party, also spoke at the event:

“The people in central Colombo are facing a great number of problems. I have seen it since a long time ago. And because I have seen it with my own eyes I can speak about it openly and without fear. I visited so many houses in the recent past and that is what those people told me also. Therefore, I am not afraid to speak of Central Colombo even now. I know that all of you are facing a great number of problems that are hard to bear.”

Jayantha Ketagoda, deputy leader of the Democratic Party, also expressed his views at the event:

“These people lied to you for 20 years. Now they say they have nothing to say. But what did they not say? They lied as much as they possibly could. And now because they have nothing to say they are telling us that they will be hung in Geneva on the 28th of this month. That they will be forced to sit in the electric chair. They say there is an electric chair and Madam Pillay is saying there is no such thing.”

Susil Kindelpitiya, Colombo District candidate of the Democratic Party, had this to say:

“After all of us candidates received our nominations, we visited our respective places of worship. I first visited a mosque and then I went to a temple. This was shown on TV and people called me to inquire why I visited a mosque first. Friends, this is the finest example of equality and solidarity in the Democratic Party. If we can all caste race and religion aside and stand together, then that is where the victory of our country lies.”

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