Train services cancelled as strike action continues

Train services cancelled as strike action continues

Written by Bella Dalima

14 Feb, 2014 | 9:29 pm

The Railways Department lost the services of four express trains that were scheduled to run on Friday due to a protest launched by train drivers. The night mail train bound for Batticaloa has also been cancelled.

The Railways Control Room said that it was forced to cancel the 28 train turns on Friday. 

The Locomotive Operating Engineers Union said that the strike action is continuing.

Trade Unions engaged in the strike action commenced it as a mark of protest against the decision taken to remove the Chairman of the Locomotive Operating Engineers Union, I.L.K. Dissanayake from the Post of Monitoring Officer attached to the Ministry of Transport.

However, another group of railway employees oppose this trade union action and are continuing their activities.

Twenty six trade unions attached to the sector requested the Minister of Transport to annul the appointment and the decision was implemented last evening subsequent to extensive discussions.

However, the Locomotive Operating Engineers Union say that this decision is not justifiable.

 The Railways Control Room said that the trains bound for Batticaloa, Matara, Kandy, Badulla and Mahawa from Colombo were canceled as a result of the strike action. In addition, there was a long delay in other train services on Friday. 

Passengers in large numbers were seen at several train stations including at Fort as they attempted to head to their villages during the extended weekend.


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