We must protect the government – Nimal Siripala

We must protect the government – Nimal Siripala

Written by Staff Writer

09 Feb, 2014 | 8:30 pm

“It is difficult for us who are in the government to criticise the government.”

Speaking at the SLFP Badulla Electoral ‘Bala Mandala’ meeting, Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva commented on criticisms being levelled against the government by various groups.

“There are shortcomings in the government too. But some of the constituent parties of the government score points by criticising the government. But as responsible ministers, we cannot do this. We must protect the government. If the government is protected we are protected. Whether we disregard shortcomings or not, we must remain with the party. We must give due consideration to the party. At times the consideration shown varies.”

The Minister also commented on the upcoming UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

“Countries like America, Britain and France commit war crimes. They blatantly murdered the leader of the Al-Qaeda organisation, Bin Laden – an unarmed prisoner. There was no international inquiry for that. They destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan, but at that instance there was no international inquiry against them whatsoever. My friends it is only against us. We will go before the international community. We have friends in the international community. No matter how powerful America is, we will stand shoulder to shoulder and inform the international community of this injustice and we will endeavour to defeat this unjust resolution.”

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