Ogodapola parent hospitalised as fast continues for sixth day

Ogodapola parent hospitalised as fast continues for sixth day

Written by Bella Dalima

29 Jan, 2014 | 8:11 pm

The fast launched by  parents of the Ogodapola School in Rampodagalle, Ridigama continued on Wednesday. This is incidentally the sixth day of the fast, which is being staged against the decision to limit the school to the fifth standard.

A  parent who fell sick while engaging in the fast was admitted to the Ridigama District Hospital. Meanwhile, police intervened on Wednesday and forced three remaining protestors to  also seek medical attention.

However, four other parents recommenced the fast. Meanwhile the parent who was admitted to hospital returned to the protest site on Wednesday to recommence her fast.

The protestors engaged in their fast on a platform built in front of the school.  However, police took steps to remove the platform after obtaining a court order. Later the protestors recommenced their fast at a nearby location.

As officials had not taken any steps, parents stormed the school on Tuesday and detained the principal as well as the staff. The  principal and staff were freed with the assistance of the police. Eight parents who were arrested in connection to the fast were produced before the Rambodagalle Magistrate Court on Wednesday and  were released on bail.


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