V Awards: Mohamed Seekandaran – and his love for Mother Nature

Bella Dalima

Twelve selfless individuals have been shortlisted for this year’s V Awards which honours those who provide a volunteer service for the betterment of society.

Among those individuals, we have featured Mohamed Seekandaran.

Sacrificing his career and spare time to provide a yeoman social service, Mohamed Seekandaran works tirelessly to conserve the environment. A resident of Wellawatta, Seekandaran recycles waste materials and also introduces eco-friendly plantation methods that are devoid of chemical components.

Not stopping there, Seekandaran. Seekandaran. shares his knowledge and renders his support for the physical and mental development of children through child care centres and pre-school projects.

Mohammad Seekandaran who generously gives of his time and effort, setting aside caste and creed, is not only an example to the youth in his hometown but also to the entire nation.