Sports Ministry criticises actions of the National Olympic Committee

Staff Writer

The Ministry of Sports issuing a communique on Tuesday has criticized the actions of the National Olympic Committee.
The communique states that the government is prepared to answer the letter sent by the National Olympic Committee to the International Olympic Committee citing political interferences.
The Communique notes that a five-member team lead by the Minister of Sports will meet members of the International Olympic Committee on the 27th of this month in Lausanne, Switzerland based on the notice of the IOC.
The five member committee will include Secretary to the Sports Ministry Anura Jayawickrama, Legal Advisor to the Sports Ministry Panduka Keerthinanda, Dion Gomes, Deputy Solicitor General Sumathi Darmawardene and Chairman of the National Sports Council Dr. Maiyya Gunasekara.
Sportsfirst made inquiries from Secretary of the National Olympic Committee, Maxwell de Silva regarding the current crisis between the Ministry of Sports and the NOC. Maxwell de Silva said that details will be revealed through a media briefing.