Achieve economic targets set through the Mahinda Chinthanaya – urge Economists

Staff Writer

Economists say that attentions should be focussed through the 2014 budget, on achieving economic targets that were set through the Mahinda Chinthanaya manifesto.

They note that the government has proclaimed several economic targets which are to be achieved by 2016.

One of the main economic targets set through the Mahinda Chinthanaya manifesto for the period from 2011 to 2015, is to increase Sri Lanka’s per capita GDP to 4000 US dollars.

This is intended to elevate Sri Lanka to the status of an upper-middle income country.

Prof. Ranjith Bandara of the University of Colombo stated:

“I believe that the main focus of the budget should be on completing and initiating the projects necessary to take forward the development programme proposed by the Mahinda Chinthanaya vision for the future manifesto. Small and medium Entrepreneurs have been identified as key stakeholders in the development process. I think that a far more positive business environment must be created for them.

The government also intends to reduce poverty, which is currently at 9 percent, drastically over the coming years.

Prof. Ranjith Bandara further stated,

“The middle class in Sri Lanka has expanded. While poverty is declining, the middle class have their hopes and expectations which need to be met, and I think that a special programme needs to be initiated for this.”