Farmers want budget that will prune prices of agrarian equipment

Staff Writer

The agrarian community requests the Government to include measures in the budget that will control price increase of agrarian equipment. Despite fertiliser being given for a concessionary rate, they point out that the prices of agrarian equipment have rapidly increased.
The government had taken measures to provide fertiliser to farmers for a concessionary rate of Rs.350 for a period of eight years.
However, the farmers lament that despite the fertiliser being given at a concessionary rate, the rate to prepare land, equipment charges as well as the prices of pesticides have seen a rapid increase.
The farmers also face the long-standing problem of the inability to obtain seeds with proper standards. 
All Ceylon Farmers Federation,  member Namala Karunaratne said; “all the”farmers who are eligible of receiving the farmers pension has not been granted a cent since 2012. We request that farmers’ pension be granted via this budget, with the arrears. We have made a written request in this regard.”