Private sector trade unions request for relief from increasing C-O-L

Staff Writer

Private sector trade unions have requested the government to provide them relief from the increasing cost of living, by refraining from levying taxes on essential items.
They said that their cost of living has drastically risen above the salary they receive. The number of persons employed in the private sector of this country amounts to around 6,500,000. Despite private sector employees not having the benefit of receiving pay hikes on par with government employees, they are equally subject to paying all taxes levied by the government.
As such, private sector trade unions have urged the government to provide them with some relief from the increasing cost of living.
Inter-Company Employees Union, Wasantha Samarasinghe expressed these thoughts;
“The cost of living of a family of four has risen to about 49,500 rupees. The government has failed to provide an income for a family to survive. The basic salary of an employee in the private sector amounts to 9,625 rupees. Then the government should minimise its unwanted spending and use that saving to provide relief to the employees of the private sector. Remove the tax charges on electricity and other essentials.”
The private sector employees who are not entitled to receiving a pension similar to government employees have made numerous requests to the government to at least provide them with a social security plan.
Co-Secretary, Anton Marcus said; “Free Trade Zone and General Employees Union…while steps are being taken to facilitate the requests made by the private sector, we ask the government to provide a social security plan for the protection and encouragement of the private sector employees.”
General Secretary of Nidahas Sevaka Sangamaya, Leslie Devendra said;
“This time we have made a humble request to get rid of the shortcomings of the pension plan before it is taken to the table for further discussions.”