Youtube Spotlight: A body double in North Korea (Video)

Staff Writer

Howard, who refuses to give his surname for fear of reprisals from the secretive state, said he has had to endure endless jokes since Kim Jong-un became leader of North Korea in December 2011.

But when a picture of himself posing as the Dear Leader went viral on Facebook last April, the reaction prompted him to set up a site advertising his body-double services.
Within weeks he had appeared in a controversial TV ad threatening to nuke the US for an Israeli burger chain. Since then he has received a string of further requests.
“The key to becoming Kim is to always look unhappy and dissatisfied. It is his trademark,” he said.
 “The reaction whenever I step out in the Mao suit, make up and hair slicked back, is always crazy.
“Sometimes I have to wear a baseball cap and sunglasses to try and avoid the attention when going about my everyday business.”
He said it is easy to keep up appearances as Kim Jong-un in between gigs.
“Keeping up with Kim’s look is extremely easy and enjoyable. All I have to do is eat and eat and then eat some more.
“It is fun to play him because it freaks people out. They don’t expect to see this notorious dictator walking the streets of their city.”
He said his family have been supportive of his new career path after years performing in bands and producing music.
“My friends and family all think it is hilarious that I have the guts to play an evil dictator. In fact they are quite proud of it,” he said.