Control cost of living instead of granting salary hikes – urge trade unions

Staff Writer

Trade Unions representing government institutions state that they hope the government takes steps to control the rising cost of living instead of increasing wages, through the 2014 budget.
They point out that increasing wages and taxes simultaneously does not amount to providing relief.
Each year government servants wait in anticipation of the budget in-order to obtain a salary hike which could combat the rising cost of living.
However, trade unions point out that decisions taken by the government to increase taxes imposed on goods and services in line with the salary hikes does not amount to providing relief.
General Secretary of Sri lanka Free Workers Union, Leslie Devendra expressed these views;
“Salary hikes are given in line with inflation values. However, these salary increases put us in a worse situation. Because of this we call on the government to control the cost of living instead of granting salary hikes. This will benefit both employed and unemployed individuals.”
Meanwhile, teacher unions point out that the government should take steps to eradicate salary anomalies through this budget.
Secretary of Lanka Teacher Services Union, Mahinda Jayasinghe shared these views;
“There are serious salary anomalies in the teaching and principal services. This has been highlighted for the past sixteen years, since 1997. In 2009 they were supposed to allocate 3000 million rupees to resolve this, a statement was made during the budget speech however to this day no one knows what happened to the money. We require 6700 million to resolve the salary anomalies, please take steps to allocate this amount.”