Power generation through Norochcholai’s second phase to begin

Staff Writer

The CEB plans to begin power generation through the second phase of the Norochcholai Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant by December this year.
Chairman of the Board, W.B. Ganegala noted that all preparations are in place to begin power generation through the second phase of the power plant.
The Lakvijaya Power Plant was originally created to generate electricity under three phases, the first phase of the power plant became operational in 2011.
The CEB notes that each generator housed within phase two of the power plant would add a total of 300 megawatts of electricity to the national grid.
W.B. Ganegala further added:
“We hope to take the necessary steps to integrate the second phase into the national grid. We plan to complete stage three by May 2014.”
The CEB also plans to improve the coal unloading site at the power plant as well as improving the 220 kilo watt electricity subs station in Norochcholai.
The Electricity Board also plans to improve the infrastructure framework assisting the power plant and construct a 220 kilowatt substation in Dummalasuriya.
The new project planned by the CEB also extends the 220KW electricity transmission line to Anuradhapura.
The Norochcholai Power Plant which began operations in 2011 has so far produced 3689 million units of electricity.
The plant produced 1038 million units in 2011, 1404 million units in 2012 and 1247 million units so far this year.
The CEB notes that the were able to save 300 million dollars by generating electricity through the Lakvijaya Coal Power Plant.