Action TV: Lankan fishermen and sinking opportunities in South Korea

Staff Writer

The South Korean National Fisheries Co-operatives Federation has decided to no longer provide job opportunities for Sri Lankan fishermen under E10 visa system.
The President and the General Manager of the Foreign Labour Bureau of the Federation, informed Minister Dilan Perera of their decision on November 5.
The South Korean National Fisheries Co-operatives Federation has arrived at this decision, rejecting a proposal put forward bu Minister Dilan Perera on October 21.Action TV revealed prior to this that the Foreign Employment Services Bureau had made repeated requests of South Korean authorities to send Sri Lankan fishermen for job opportunities in South Korea under the E9 visa system, when South Korean authorities had reiterated time and time again that foreign fishermen would only be accepted under the E10 visa system.
While the Korean Language aptitude test is not a requirement under the E10 visa system, foreign fifishermen are to be brought to South Korea through direct channels between the South Korean National Fisheries Co-operatives Federation and the National Fisheries Federations of the respective countries.Action TV revealed that the Foreign Employment Bureau Act of 1985 was preventing the National Fisheries Federation of Sri Lanka from intervening to ensure Sri Lankan fishermen receive job opportunities in Korea, citing letters addressed to South Korean authorities by the Ministry of Foreign Employment Promotion and Welfare and the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Services Bureau.
In his letter addressed on the 21st of last month, the Minister requests the South Korean authorities to make arrangements for the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Services Bureau to provide South Korea with Sri Lankan fishermen selected by the National Fisheries Federation, under the E10 visasystem.
However, rejecting this proposal, the South Korean National Fisheries Co-operative Federation informs the Minister that the E10 visa system is not a government to government migratory system. Under the E10 visa system, Sri Lankan fishermen were to receive about 500 job opportunities in South Korea.